Thank You Choosing The Cyber School Career Guidance Test

Thank you for choosing the Cyber school career guidance test. After completion of these set of tests, you will be one step closer to choosing the right career that will suit your interests, personality, and your skills.

The tests should be completed in full and truthfully.

You will begin by completing a personality test. After completion this will give you a result to which personality type you are.

After the personality test you will complete a series of questions about your interests. It is important to choose things that you really enjoy doing or wouldn’t mind doing. Remember you have to enjoy your job otherwise it is not worth it. This test will consist of 40 questions that will give us a good idea of what you are interested in.

After completion of this interest test, you will complete the aptitude test. This is the longest test and will clearly indicate what your skillsets are.

Remember not everyone is good at everything so don’t worry if you cannot answer some of the questions correctly.

This is not a test you can fail but it will determine what you can do and what not.

After completion of the aptitude test you will receive a score out of 150. The result will show you an analysis for ten different skillsets with a mark out of 15 for each skillset. If you have achieved a high score for a skillset, you can check your career options for that specific skillset.

Before you attempt the first test, please read the document on the next page: