How it works

After you have made your payment, you will be emailed a link to take the different assessments as outlined below. There are a total of twelve assessments or tests, so you should take your time and you do not have to complete them all in one session. It may take you several hours to complete the test, so when you start, make sure you have enough alone time to complete it without any interruptions.
As we all change from year to year, we learn new things about ourselves and often need help to discover what has changed within us, and need some guidance regarding our career choices along the journey of life. We therefore highly recommend that you take this test each year to help you re-align those changes with your choices. This will help you become more settled, focused and happier about your choices as they will fit your personality which will give you more direction. Ultimately, you will be more successful and happier as you are making choices that work for you and are not based on advice from other people that don’t know enough to assist you professionally. 

1st test - Personality Test

Knowing your personality is about knowing who you are. There are four personality types, A, B, C and D. I’m sure you can’t wait to see which one you are!

2nd test - Work Environment Test

This test assesses the best working environment for your personality. We all like different things. Maybe you only want to work outdoors or love IT and computing. Whichever it is, this plays a vital role in helping to place you in the career choice that suits your personality.

Skill Set Tests (of which there are 10)

Skill Set Test 1 - Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning tests assess your capacity for both inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. They focus on your ability to apply premises and draw conclusions – testing logic, speed, and accuracy under time pressure.

Skill Set Test 2 - Critical Thinking

These types of reasoning tests assess your ability to think logically and outside the box. They focus on your ability to reason logically through an argument and make an objective decision.

Skill Set Test 3 - Diagrammatic Reasoning

Diagrammatic reasoning tests assess your ability to think logically and analytically and to solve complex problems.

Skill Set Test 4 - Financial Reasoning

Financial reasoning tests assess your skills to read the information via graphs, tables, and texts.

Skill Set Test 5 - Inductive Reasoning

An inductive reasoning test measures abilities that are important in solving problems. These tests measure the ability to work with unfamiliar information in a flexible way to find solutions.

Skill Set Test 6 - Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning tests are used to measure your problem-solving skills. They assess your logical aptitude and your ability to draw conclusions from a given set of information.

Skill Set Test 7 - Mechanical Reasoning

A mechanical reasoning test measures your capacity to apply mechanical principles to solve problems. This shows your technical skills.

Skill Set Test 8 - Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to handle and interpret numerical data. You will be required to analyse and draw conclusions from the given data, which may be presented in the form of tables or graphs.

Skill Set Test 9 - Spatial Reasoning

Spatial reasoning tests assess your ability to think about objects in both two and three dimensions and draw conclusions to those objects from limited information.

Skill Set Test 10 - Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning tests are a common type of aptitude test and are mainly used to measure your ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information.
After taking all twelve tests you will be able to view and download a .pdf document that will show a summary report of all your results. This report covers your strengths, leanings, areas you should avoid, your personality type, the best working environment for you and more! It is ideal to keep as a summary of your career recommendations for your parents, your educational institutions, yourself and also for prospective employers!

To see a sample report click here.

By including your latest Career Guidance Pro report with your resume, your potential employers will be able to assess whether you are suited for the type of job you are applying for and are far more likely to be able to estimate whether you are the right fit for the position. This will impress any prospective employer and it will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants as it will show them that you are serious about your career and have made the extra effort and are applying for a position that suits your personality and skills set. If you are not applying for a job and wish to be self-employed, then the report will have helped you to make that life changing decision!

Good luck and we hope the results help you along your journey of life!

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